Recovery Walk 2016

Recovery Walk 2016

Dublin, 10 September 2016

Hundreds of people joined the 5th Annual Recovery Walk and Family Day which took place in Dublin on 10 September 2016 to celebrate recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Hundreds more joined the group at the family day in the Boat Club, in excess of 1,200 attended the celebrations. The walk was one of a number of recovery walks taking place around the world to promote and support recovery and help remove the stigma surrounding addiction. It was jointly hosted by Recovery Walk Ireland and the Recovery Academy of Ireland.

“This event sends out a clear message of hope and shows what is possible to people stuck in addiction, their families, communities and the services they work with,” said Barry Costello of Recovery Walk Ireland. “It spreads the message that treatment is effective and recovery from addiction is a reality in millions of people’s lives.

The Irish Recovery Walk along the River Liffey to the Garda Boat Club in Islandbridge was followed by an afternoon of music, entertainment and children’s activities. Speakers who are in recovery themselves shared their experiences of recovery and hopes for the future.

“There is a recovery community out there who become your recovery family. What I have today I couldn’t have dreamed off five years ago. I have got my family back, taken up education and got work. I also have a home”

The not-for-profit, free event was aimed at people in recovery, their families, friends, neighbours, and the voluntary, community and statutory groups which work with them.

Hundreds of people walked from Dr. Steevens’ Hospital to the Garda Boat Club to celebrate recovery!

Events such as this are important as they promote a message of hope to anyone affected by addiction that recovery is possible. It also gives people in recovery, their families and the services who work with them, the opportunity to celebrate recovery.

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